About Us

Started by two Stanford grads, Openhouse is re-imagining after-school education in India.

We believe learning happens best in person, but there is an opportunity to make this experience 10X via modern centers, technology, and powerful communities! We're building a network of learning centers with the best teachers in every neighbourhood. Be it math or meditation, chemistry or creative writing or even a film club - we have it all under one roof! The shared economy has changed mobility, workplaces, travel, and we are excited to bring this to education. 

Job Openings

Here are some of the roles for which we are hiring presently. Reach out to us at yash@openhouse.study if any of these roles excite you. In case you don’t fit into any role, but you’d like to create one for yourself, we are open minded!
Community Manager

You will play an instrumental role in defining the culture of our next space & making it a community that educators, students & parents can call home! A space is as good as the people that reside in it, and your energy will set the stage for everyone else there.

We are looking for someone who can:

  • Build relationships with educators & students, understand their daily needs & figure out how we can help them best
  • Communicate our vision with new parents & educators who visit us
  • Ensure that our educators’ logistical hassles are taken care
  • Be the link between the space and the Openhouse team in terms of how we can constantly keep improving ourselves

Ideal Candidate:

You must be an effective communicator, have a friendly demeanor & strong organizational skills. You must be excited about building an open culture between students and educators at openhouse.

Minimum experience:

At least 2 years of work experience post college or persuasive enough to convince us that you’re fit for this role!

Front End Developer

We are looking for someone who is passionate in combining the art of design and programming to create beautiful, intuitive and impactful products for our stakeholders – teachers, students, and parents.


Node JS, React JS, AngularJS, Vue Js, React Native, Javascript, jQuery, HTML5, SASS, CSS2, CSS3


The ideal candidate is someone who

  • has a bachelor's degree in Computer Science (or a related field)
  • is hands-on in building mobile apps (Android & IOS)
  • bridges the gap between graphical design and technical implementation
  • works closely with the graphic designer to ensure technical feasibility of UI/UX designs
  • optimises applications for maximum speed and scalability
  • has proficient knowledge of web markup, including HTML5, CSS3, and server-side CSS pre-processing platforms, such as LESS and SASS
  • has good understanding of SEO principles and ensures that applications adhere to them
  • is skilled in client-side scripting and JavaScript frameworks, including jQuery
  • has knowledge of cross-browser, device compatibility issues and ways to work around them.
  • is experienced in advanced JavaScript libraries and frameworks, such as AngularJS, ReactJS, etc
  • grows into a Senior Front End Engineer/Product Manager/Product Lead


Knowledge of graphic design and/or backend development (python-Django, APIs) is a big plus.

Growth Lead

Openhouse started a year ago in a neighbourhood in Kolkata, and has already grown to multiple spaces and thousands of students. We believe every child deserves the space and opportunity to dream, explore, create, and grow. Companies have scaled neighbourhood coffee shops, grocery stores, pharmacies (and more recently, even gyms). We are trying to do the same for learning.

We are looking for a leader who can drive our growth story to many more cities and countries at unprecedented speeds.

If hustle, persistence, process, analysis, experimentation, empathy, and creativity sound familiar, read on.


  • Run large-scale data-driven experiments to identify key growth strategies
  • Build processes and playbooks for workable and repeatable strategies
  • Iron out nuances of referral, bundling, and pricing strategy, and how it might evolve
  • Build, train & manage a team to help support the above


  • Sales fleet (3 people per city, who can execute a range of strategies)


  • First-principles based: able to think independently of original, real and nuanced approaches
  • Critical & Analytical: able to engage with themselves, the customer, and the problem deeply
  • Thinks Scale: Loves process, data, and creates strategies that can attract millions of students
  • Folks with consulting backgrounds that have a hacker mindset would be good fits
  • Big ++ if you were instrumental in growing hyperlocal or educational businesses in the past
Supply Lead

The Openhouse experience starts from its teachers. We are obsessed about working with the best teachers, and have been very conscious of doing so since our early days. We look at teachers as micro-entrepreneurs who care about growing by improving their service quality.

We strive to be one of the few organisations in the world that is trying to build an education services proposition keeping the teacher at the heart of our solution. Your primary objective would be to build this teacher partnership playbook.

The Supply Lead will be the biggest spokesperson of teachers within Openhouse and be involved in shaping every facet of our relationship with them in the near-term & as we grow the company over time.

Foresight, empathy, visionary thinking, imagination, people management, and community building are some of the attributes we expect you to possess and build on.


  • Build our strategy for attracting the top decile of teachers to join the platform
  • Build processes to ensure quality control
  • Work with the centre managers to support teacher on-boarding
  • Carve teacher identities and teacher community building playbook
  • Iron out nuances of pricing strategy, and how it might evolve.
  • Build, train & manage a team to help support the above


  • Teacher Sales fleet (3 people per city who go to existing centers/ have a more brute force way of finding new teachers)
  • Teacher Transition Lead (2 people per city who help teachers espouse our values and adopt our products in their classrooms)
  • Teacher Success Lead (1 overall advocator and voice of the teachers to ensure their happiness and growth)


  • Hustler: Should have sales experience in convincing services based businesses/ high quality people to join a platform (convincing doctors/ teachers/ hotel owners/ school principals/ wealth management)
  • Patient & Informed: Ability to build authentic narratives on education reform (folks who are used to dealing with blue collar workers or are aggressive sales people may not be a good fit)
  • People's person: Empathy, convincing power, and ability to make people happy
  • Folks having spent at least 2 years at CueMath, Practo, Teach For India, Uber/Ola, Urban Clap on supply side might be good fits.
  • Big ++ if person was instrumental in building supply side for services marketplace in its early days before the brand became strong

You will be the first hire for the supply team in a supply focussed organisation. This is a company-defining role.