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Mini courses are sequences of 2–3 classes that cover important topics and concepts in an engaging and memorable manner.

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2020 has been rough. Online classes have left many feeling uninspired, exhausted, and confused.

Don't worry though, Openhouse's Rescue Squad is here to save the day with its mini courses!

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Personalised and practical learning experiences that deliver conceptual clarity.
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You can attend unlimited mini-courses and as many doubt-clearing sessions as you’d like during the validity of the pass.

Pass Valid for a month

got some lingering questions?

How long is a Rescue Squad pass valid for?

The pass is valid for 30 days from the date of the first class that you sign-up for.
The pass doesn’t auto-renew. You will need to pay again for every successive month that you wish to extend your pass for.

What is included in the Rescue Squad pass?

You can attend as many mini-courses and as many doubt-clearing sessions as you’d like during the validity of the pass.

Where can I find the schedules to all the sessions?

Please see the Schedules here

How can I access the classes?

You will hear from our Community Manager over Whatsapp, who will share login details for the Openhouse platform.
Login at the time of your sessions to attend sessions that you have signed-up for. Alternatively, login earlier to explore all the platform’s features!
Please note that you will need either a desktop or a laptop, and Google Chrome for the best experience on our platform

Anything else I need to know before I sign-up?

Just one last thing to note - our teachers put in a lot of effort into preparing each session so that you and your friends can have the best possible learning experience! We request you to be respectful of their time and attend sessions that you have signed-up for, unless it’s an emergency. Too many no-shows might result in the cancellation of your pass.