Barre Workout

Time: Tuesday & Friday, 6:15pm - 7:30pm
Fees: Rs. 650 per class

Barre is an intense workout that is popular with a lot of Hollywood celebrities. It’s a whole body workout that is a combination of Pilates, yoga, ballet as well as strength training all put together in a 60-min class. Barre is a low-impact exercise which means its safe and won’t cause injuries. Yet, it’s an effective form of exercise that helps you get stronger, build muscle and look leaner. Feel the amazing effects of this class with Core Balance! Our instructor is a certified Pilates & Barre Instructor from London, UK. She will make you work all the major muscle groups as well as focus on the smaller muscles that we don’t generally work on! She believes in a holistic approach to fitness, so her classes will be fun, energetic but also calming.

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Classes starting on: 
Tuesday, November 19th


7th Floor, AC Market, Theatre Road