Saturday, December 22, 6.30pm-8.30pm

Paint & Post - A Never-Before Watercolor Workshop

Imagine the joy you'd feel if someone hand-painted customized postcards, poured all their love for you into them, and silently dropped them into your letter boxes to send you the most special wishes this festive season? Your heart just melted, right? ❤ So let's do it! Register for this unique workshop where you'll not only learn some cool paint tricks but use them to make as many postcards to your heart's will and send them to your loved ones! Bring along your family and friends and get discounts too! You surely won't find a more heart-warming and creative way to spend this evening, so don't miss this chance! Register right away Whether you're 10, 30, or 60, something special's waiting for each one of you at this offbeat workshop!

Ages: For all Ages

Cost: Rs. 800

7th Floor, The AC Market,
1 Shakespeare Sarani

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